Thursday, May 18, 2017

Menu planner update - significant errors discovered

A Reddit user over in r/ColonizeMars (u/3015) caught multiple errors in my menu planning sheet. (thread) These affected power, area and volume calculations. I've corrected these errors; the sheet is updated anywhere it is linked.

The per-person volume is still about 45 m³. The sheet now tracks 'tray' area and 'floor' area separately, with estimates of floor area required for a set of ceiling heights.

Most important is the power requirement for lighting. This increased significantly, from 5.7 kW per person to 22 kW per person.


  1. Those energy levels seem extreme.

    Have you thought about concentrated CO2 atmospheres for plants to grow in?

    1. It's about 500 W/m³, or about 415 kWh per person per day using my assumptions.

      I usually assume that the atmosphere system in the residential sections remove CO2 and pass it to the hydroponic sections in relatively high concentrations. We shouldn't exceed 1000 ppm for safety reasons, but we should try to stay above 500 ppm for productivity reasons.